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Patmos & the 7 Churches of Revelation

A1 Patmos
A2 Ephesus
A3 Smyrna
A4 Pergamum
A5 Thyatira
A6 Sardis
A7 Philadelphia
A8 Laodicea

Paul in Athens

B1 Athens in Paul's time
B2 Paul in the Agora
B3 Paul in the city full of idols
B4 Paul at the Areopagus

Paul in Rhodes

C1 Paul in Rhodes
C2 Paul in Lindos

Paul and Titus in Crete

D1 Knossos
D2 Titus in Crete
D3 Lazy Cretans
D4 Appointing Overseers in every City

Paul's Epistles to the 7 Churches

E1 Rome
E2 Corinth
E3 Galatia
E4 Ephesus
E5 Philippi
E6 Colossae
E7 Thessalonica
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From Jerusalem to the Ends of the Earth


Paul of Tarsus


Paul and Barnabas at Antioch-on-the-Orontes


To Be Announced


To Be Announced


The Apostles' Missionary Journeys


Paul's First Missionary Journey


Paul's Second Missionary Journey


Paul's Third Missionary Journey


To Be Announced


Peter and Paul in Rome


To Be Announced


To Be Announced


Early Church Customs and Cultures


To Be Announced


To Be Announced


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Copyright / Fair use Policy

1.     For purchased DVD movies:

DVD movies may be used by observing the following restrictions:

1.1          All rights reserved.

1.2           Projection in church, Sunday School class, educational lecture for non-fee, free sessions.

1.3           Incorporate in printed free local church newsletters, free educational material.

1.4          Abstract** inclusion in a website (low-resolution only ¡V 320x240 pixels or less), with credit link to www.PassionForJesus.info (**Abstraction should be less than 5 minutes of movie inclusion per web site.)

1.5           Images extracted from DVD movies by electronic means shall abide with restrictions as applied to Section 2 category : ¡§ For purchased DVD-Rom¡¨



2.     For purchased DVD-Rom:

Images from the DVD-Rom (and/or image extracted from DVD movies) may be used by observing the following restrictions:

2.1.1      All rights reserved by R+R Suen/ www.PassionForJesus.info

2.1.2       Images may not be copied, distributed, altered or used in any manner other than prescribe here. Further inquiry pertaining to purchase of license or written permission should write to Raymond Suen: info@passionforjesus.info 

2.2           For web sites usage:

2.2.1      The redistribution of any images must be no larger than 400x300 pixels in size.

2.2.2       No restriction on the number of  images to be used in your web site.

2.2.3       Each image must include a credit line and link to ¡§www.PassionForJesus.info¡¨  

2.3           For free public meeting viewing:

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2.3.2       Projection by electronic means allowed for non-fee, free sessions for personal, family, or church only. 

2.4           For personal /church/ non-commercial printing:

2.4.1       You may use no more than 10 images in a single hardcopy publication (e.g. newsletter). If you intend to use more than 10 images, please write to Raymond Suen:  info@passionforjesus.info

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2.4.3       For use in free literature** printing of more than 50 copies per image, please mail two copies of the material to Almega System Analysis Ltd: Unit 501, Block B, Wing Kut Industrial Building, 608 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
(**free literature may include: church newsletter, bulletin, program sheet, flyer, CD cover, book cover, personal bookmark, personal calendars etc)


3.     For commercial usage (including commercial promotional material):

Non-exclusive rights applicable to commercial usage of images should be obtained by purchasing a license or obtaining written permission from www.PassionForJesus.info for use of photo in a book, magazine, poster, bookmark, calendars, advertising, brochures, packaging, public meeting with admission fee, website, electronic publishing or multimedia projects etc .  

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3.2           Each hardcopy should bear the credit line ¡§© Raymond and Rosablanca Suen / www.PassionForJesus.info¡¨ no smaller than 10 point in font size, with a legible font color

3.3           Use of images in other commercial product, please contact Raymond Suen: info@passionforjesus.info.

3.4           Re-distributing images or DVDs, please contact Raymond Suen: info@passionforjesus.info.

3.5           Inclusion in a non-personal image database, please contact Raymond Suen: info@passionforjesus.info.


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4.2.3       The images must not be modified in any way.

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5.     General information

5.1            We reserve the right to modify and update this policy without further notice.

5.2            In the event of inconsistency, the English text of this policy will prevail over the Chinese text.


For further questions, permission, and other usage, please contact Raymond Suen: info@passionforjesus.info


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