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Patmos & the 7 Churches of Revelation

A1 Patmos
A2 Ephesus
A3 Smyrna
A4 Pergamum
A5 Thyatira
A6 Sardis
A7 Philadelphia
A8 Laodicea

Paul in Athens

B1 Athens in Paul's time
B2 Paul in the Agora
B3 Paul in the city full of idols
B4 Paul at the Areopagus

Paul in Rhodes

C1 Paul in Rhodes
C2 Paul in Lindos

Paul and Titus in Crete

D1 Knossos
D2 Titus in Crete
D3 Lazy Cretans
D4 Appointing Overseers in every City

Paul's Epistles to the 7 Churches

E1 Rome
E2 Corinth
E3 Galatia
E4 Ephesus
E5 Philippi
E6 Colossae
E7 Thessalonica

From Jerusalem to the Ends of the Earth


Paul of Tarsus


Paul and Barnabas at Antioch-on-the-Orontes


To Be Announced


To Be Announced


The Apostles' Missionary Journeys


Paul's First Missionary Journey


Paul's Second Missionary Journey


Paul's Third Missionary Journey


To Be Announced


Peter and Paul in Rome


To Be Announced


To Be Announced


Early Church Customs and Cultures


To Be Announced


To Be Announced


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Guest Book

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"I want to write too in the Guest book..."


(in Chinese)
我 也 想 留 言...



Latest Comments: (all email addresses are being withheld)   最 近 留 言 (Latest Comments in Chinese)
January 16, 2009
Rosanna from San Francisco, USA  wrote:

"Hi Rosa,
Just got nosy and took a look at your site. Glad to see that you have the piano course showing on the homepage! Nice to see you and your husband's picture too on the "About Us" page. You guys look great - you have "husband-wife" "look", if you know the Chinese saying I am referring to. Must be a great marriage!"

Febury 24, 2007
Philip & Naomi Mah from Vancouver, Canada wrote:

"Hi, Rosablanca and Raymond.
It is exciting to see what God is doing in your lives.
I have just opened this website for a brief visit.
I will take a longer time to view the contents at a later date by taking slowly.

God bless."


June 21, 2006
Alan Anderson from Canada wrote:

"I read about your website in the Northwest Alumni Connections newsletter. I am also a grad of Northwest Baptist College and Seminary.

Blessings on you Rosa and Raymond as you develop this passion for telling people about the Holy Land. Blessings also on you as you serve the church in Hong Kong and to your family.

Bye for now,

Alan Anderson"

April 18, 2006
Raymond & Loretta Au Yeung   from  Sydney, Australia, wrote:

"Thanks for your dedication in preparing this Revelation series on 7 churches.  
As I browsed the through the Website, I can see the amount of time and energy be devoted in this work to enrich God's people in understanding the 7 churches and to bring deep impact to them through the pictures.

Praise the Lord.


April 18, 2006
tc  from Toronto, Canada wrote:

"Awesome! God bless you all!
What awesome work you guys done on the Rev 7 churches!
I wish I have more time to go through them in detail before responding, but what I saw looks really impressive. 
By the way, are the DVDs available in English also?"

Editor's reply:
The DVD-Rom photo album is bi-lingual (English & Chinese). It is suitable for use in English Windows environment. There is individual description for each jpg in English, so that you can be use the information in  preparing your sermon illustration.

The "A series" DVD movies are narrated in Cantonese for the moment. We are looking for a suitable English narrator, and if the Lord willing, the second edition of the  movies will have a choice of 3 spoken languages: English, Mandarin & Cantonese.

April 14, 2006
Bob Shores   from  Canyon Lake, CA. USA wrote:

"Hi Rosa,
It's Sponge Bob... Beautiful, Just Beautiful."


March 23,2006
Bill Costello from Chicago wrote:

"Very inspiring web site.  Thank you."

March 03, 2006
Tony from Hong Kong wrote:

"You have wonderful pictures, I like the wallpapers."



"I want to write too in the Guest book..."


我 也 想 留 言...

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